iPhone Repair VB is an independent service company offering aftermarket electronics repairs.
1) All devices dropped off are considered "out of warranty", please ask us if you believe your device is under warranty with its manufacturer, as repairs may likely void any warranty.
2) Some Biometrics, such as Face ID, Fingerprint readers or other types of technology have software that may disable these functions permanently if repairs are performed. We cannot fix or bring back certain functions as they are locked by their manufacturer. 
3) Many companies now offer OEM parts for repairs, when possible, we will use "OEM" parts but are still not "Authorized" by these companies to perform repairs, again, repairs will likely void any warranty.
4) Apple now gives messages "NON-GENUINE PART DETECTED" or similar messages, followed by information regarding how you can get repairs done through Apple. We fully warranty our aftermarket screens, such that any defect in functionality is covered for a specific period noted prior to repair. No warranties cover physical damage whatsoever. Any damage such as liquid damage or physical damage will void all warranties, even by the manufacturer.
5) Electronic devices are not intended to "last forever" batteries wear out, parts malfunction, we are not responsible for the entire device for its entire life. We offer warranties that cover "Normal Defects", we are not an insurance company, we do not offer warranties on broken installed parts.
6) All of our parts are manufactured, tested and distributed by third party wholesalers, we do not manufacture, refurbish or sell any parts for any reason. 
7) Unless expressly stated, balances are due within 30 days, otherwise collection activity may take place.
8) Providing information such as name, phone number and email allows us to communicate with you. You authorized communication via these methods unless you OPT OUT. We may send updates or requests via text message; carrier data rates or other fees may apply.
9) Data loss can be a tragic, but likely result of some damage, we are not responsible in any way for any data loss. Please always backup any important data, just as you would protect your important documents. 
10) Negative feedback can hurt our business and employees, consider contacting us before leaving negative feedback, we reserve the right to legally defend false claims or statements that otherwise impact business negatively. 
11) We reserve the right to refuse service, repairs, or warranty work for any reason. 
12) Any devices left or "unclaimed" after 30 days will become the property of iPhone Repair VB. 
13) In very rare cases devices or information may be lost, stolen or otherwise damaged due to unforeseen and/or unavoidable circumstances. We offer services to "send out" or facilitate repairs through other companies. Shipping and logistics may result in unforeseen and unavoidable loss; thus we are not responsible for loss of items, data or any property. We offer no reimbursement whatsoever for these circumstances.
14) As always, we will attempt to answer any and all questions, and offer reasonable, clear responses about our policies.