Please review and consider the following before allowing us to repair your device. Upon arrival a short description of the following will be included in your repair ticket. We would like you as our customer to understand that a majority of repair centers (including us) are not specifically authorized, endorsed or approved to repair devices by their original manufacturers. Be extremely cautious when choosing a repair center that falsely advertises “genuine”, “certified” or “OEM”.

The following words are used with their intended definition as follows:

Aftermarket: Parts that are intended to “fit” in a particular device, but are not actually produced, sponsored or approved by the manufacturer of which the parts are meant to fit.

Genuine: As used below, Genuine refers to parts that are approved, tested and sold by the original manufacturer.

iPhone Repair VB inc. is in no way affiliated with Apple, Samsung, HTC, Motorola or any electronics manufacturer listed throughout our pages. Any device names listed throughout our business pages are for representation of our services only (e.g. we offer repairs on these types of devices). We offer aftermarket service on electronic devices, any and all repairs may void original manufacturers warranty. Services offered are not endorsed, authorized or approved by their original manufacturer. We are an independent service center that uses “aftermarket” parts which have not been reviewed, tested or approved by Apple inc. or any other electronics manufacturer. We do not use, endorse or advertise “genuine” parts, we do not purchase or carry any items labeled as “original” or “genuine”. Parts we use do not carry any brand symbols, have not and will not be represented by this company or its employees as being “genuine” or approved by any company that originally manufactured your device.


We offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on our aftermarket screen repairs, we test and give a full guarantee concerning the quality of our work. Other repairs come with their specified warranties based on the nature of the repair. Since your device will lose any and all warranties given by its original manufacturer, we offer a full guarantee on our repairs. Should you experience any issues, simply bring the device to us for review.

"We do not speed through our repair service. We take the time to ensure each device will be back in your hands like new. Our warranty and guarantee provides you with peace of mind. Should you have concerns or problems with your repaired device, we will fix it at no charge and, in some cases, refund the original service price."

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an Apple Authorized Service Provider?


What repair services do you offer?

We offer repair and maintenance services of all kinds, for almost all types of electronics. If you have a problem, we can solve it, and of course (unless otherwise specified) diagnostics are free.

Will my device be safe in your hands?

Your device will be diagnosed and repaired with the highest standard of care. If we inadvertently damage your device in any way, we will cover the cost of the repair or replace the device fully at no charge. We treat your property as our own. 

What makes your phone repairs different from others? Will you match pricing?

We will match any competitors confirmed pricing matching our quality standards. While we cannot speak for other businesses, we can say that our attention to detail is our greatest strength, second only to our customer service.